As salamu alaykum sister,

Shokran for writing to our Live Session. Alhumdulilah, you should be so happy that you have started to wear hijab!  That is a big step indeed sister, mabrook!  May Allah swt bless you abundantly. Sister, oftentimes It seems that the closer one gets to pleasing Allah, the more tests and trials come. In your case, a man who you liked for marriage refused the proposal when he found out you wore hibab.


Rejected for Hijab

As you discussed, the man you clicked with refused you for marriage because you wear hijab. That is very strange as most Muslim men who are practising want their wives to wear hijab. Even though you ’clicked” with this man sister, perhaps there were things about him that you did not know of. You did nothing wrong but sometimes sister, Allah will close a door that we want to open so bad-just to protect us from future harm.  Sometimes we may push on this door and it will not budge. We may keep pushing on the door and Allah might let us in -as a lesson. How scary is that? I am happy you did not push it sister.


It could be that if you married this man you would have been very unhappy. Perhaps he had bad habitis you did not know about. Perhaps he was not as sincere in his Islam as you are. Allah knows best sister and Allah swt protects us from things we do not even know. This is Allah’s mercy. As yoiu grow closer to Allah, expect to be tested!  If you look at all of the prophets and especially our beloved prophet (PBUH) and his wives, they were severely tested. They had many trials in regards to their faith.


Moving Forward

Sister, instead of feeling bad, insha’Allah try to feel good. I know this is hard because you are hurt. However, I am quite sure that you do want a man who is growing in Islam as you are. You do not need anyone who would tell you to do something that would not please Allah. So look at this incident as a mercy. Seek out one who loves Allah, and loves that you are growing closer to Allah. Seek out one who will encourage you one the right path, not lead you down the wrong path.  The fact that this man rejected you for wearing hijab is a big red sign saying ’no”.



Sister, I am sad that you are feeling hurt over this. I do admire how you handled the situation. Rather than sumit to a man’s wishes,you chose Allah.You will be greatly blessed and rewarded for your faithfulness to Allah swt. Sister, there will be someone else, someone truly from Allah-who you will click with- for all the right reasons.  Trust in Allah sister as He loves you very much. We wish you the best.

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