Talking about committed sins

The Prophet, peace be upon him, said: “if anyone has been tested by committing the filthy thins, let him not lift the cover Allah has placed over them.”


So, one should not talk about it to anyone. He only needs to speak to Allah and beg for His mercy and forgiveness and forget about it. If at any time he is reminded of it, he should immediately make istighfaar and turn to Allah in repentance and forgiveness.


Another point to remember: haya or shyness and modesty is an important virtue in Islam. Therefore, one should not do things that would diminish this virtue; for speaking about the sins one has committed would amount to just that.

I would urge you to offer the following supplication:

Rabbi ighfir lee dhanbee kullahu: diqqahu wa jillahu wa sirrahu wa ‘alaaniyyathahu, awwalahy wa aakhirahu wa maa alimthu minhu wa maa lam a’lam


(My Lord, forgive all of my sins for me: the major and the minor; the secret and the public; the first and the last; the ones that I am aware of, and the ones that I am not aware of.)


Almighty Allah knows best.

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