A salaam alaikum sister and Ramadan Mubarak.


You stated that you met a nice Muslim boy through some friends. You stated that he was married before and has a child. He’s also been to prison.


Judgment and Mercy

Sister the part about him being married and having a child is fine, there is nothing wrong with that. There are many Muslims who have been married before and have children. There are also many Muslims who have been to prison and are now wonderful Muslims. People change.



However, my question would be has this man changed? What did he go to prison for? How long ago was it and what was it for? These are the questions you need to know.  You say that he’s a very nice person and respectful. What about his deen? What about his devotion to Allah and following Islam? Is the brother known in the community and respected? I’ll kindly suggest sister that insha’Allah you inquire about him through your friends at first. Find out about his reputation and personality in the community.


If his situation is that he is serving Allah and following Islam and truly is a good person, there’s no reason why you should not present him to your parents. If Allah forgives us for our sins, and we do have a lot of sins, then we need to be forgiving of other people.


Qur’an & Sunnah

If you decide that you are interested in him for a spouse there are points in the Qur’an and Sunnah that discuss forgiveness of sins, and how people do change become the best Servants of Allah. There is no haram in marrying somebody who has been previously married and has a child. Many cultures do have a stigma against it but it is not against Islam. In fact our prophet (PBUH) married widows with children. The important factors sister are if he loves and serves Allah, is following Islam, is Islamically permissible for you as well as the both of you are compatible.


Before Presenting to Parents

I do advise you insha’Allah, before you tell your parents about him, that you do ensure that the has the above-mentioned qualities. You want to present to your parents a man who has a good reputation and his deen is on point. Like all parents, they will want to ensure that their daughter is marrying a kind Muslim man who will lead her to Jannah. Insha’Allah, things will work out as you wish and your parents will embrace him.  We wish you the best.

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