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Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh sister,


At this moment it seems like you are unclear about what you would like to do for your career in the future and this is causing you serious anxiety. This is not unusual. In fact, it would probably be more uncommon at this stage to have a clear plan!


You have identified yourself that overthinking your situation and this lack of clarity is what is causing you such despair so the first step is to try and stop ruminating over this. Right now, you are enrolled on this course and you can go back and change that. It may be possible to quit your studies, but this is not advisable at this point especially when you are unclear about what you want anyway. It may be that over time you come to enjoy the course and decide that this is the career you want after all.


Whilst you overthink your situation you will not give yourself the chance to really embrace where you are at now. Perhaps since you are enrolled where you are now you should see it through to be sure that you do or do not want to take teaching on as a career. It’s easier to rule it out after you have given it a try as well as being clear to your mum that you at least tried as per her wishes.


At least if you complete this course she would be more likely to accept your not wanting to do it more than if you dropped out without completing it. Or, as I said, you may come to love it afterall and pursue a career in teaching or even have your eyes opened to a new career altogether that you may not have been aware of should you have not completed this course.


Use this opportunity to focus on your current course without overthinking other options. Once you are finished, if you are still not convinced, then you can try out the other options by taking relevant courses. By the time you have finished your present course things may have changed and you may have different ideas again regarding where you wish to take your career. In sha Allah, with more experience on your side you will be more clear about the next steps you will take.


When you reach this stage take the time to really sit down and contemplate your options. Block out time to solely focus on this free from other distractions. Don’t make any concrete decisions without giving them full contemplation first to avoid making decisions that you may later regret. In this time, make sure to research the options you wish to pursue fully. What are the future prospects in this career? Are their opportunities to progress? How long does it take to train? Is it affordable? What is the full job criteria? What kind of jobs will you be expected to carry out? It may be that you uncover things that make that particular option less appealing, or perhaps the options are simply not feasible or even available to you. This research will help you to narrow things down further and be more clear.


In the meantime, continue to turn to Allah and ask for His guidance on the matter. Make choices and pray istikhara and let Allah guide you to what is best.


May Allah guide you on the straight path. May He guide you to a career that will be good for you and you will enjoy.

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