I converted to Islam . I was diagnosed with cancer.

Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh sister,


May Allah bring you ease during this difficult times and may He make things as comfortable as possible for you. It is unfortunate that you are facing these difficulties on top of what you are already going through with the cancer. It must be devastating that they were once so supportive, yet now, when you need their support the most they have changed their attitude. This will inevitably leave you feeling anxious about both the near and distant future.


The fact that they were supportive at some point sheds some hope that there is at least something in them that could become that way again. Are you aware of what it is in particular that changed their hearts about your decision? If you can target this moment in particular perhaps you could change their hearts once more.


I am unaware of the Islamic ruling regarding whether the sisters who would be willing to take your son in if you should pass, so do be sure to get advise regarding this as this will provide you with the best guidance regarding what you do next and how you prepare. Whilst it would be most ideal if his family took him on, if they are not willing to raise him as a Muslim then this is going to be most devastating. If it is that Islamically they must take him on then you should do all that you can, whilst you can to raise him according to Islamic values whilst also trying to encourage your family this way also.


Let them see the beauty of the Deen in the way you present yourself and maybe from your friends if you allow them to meet. You may even give them some gentle literature on Islam to at least educate them about Islam. If it is a fear of Islam that is leading to their seeming change in heart then hopefully this will correct their misconceptions. In sha Allah even if they don’t accept Islam themselves, they will be more willing to abide by your desire for them to raise him as a Muslim should you pass away.


It may be that they are simply nervous and not confident to raise your son in a religion that they have little idea about. This would be something to ask them. If so, perhaps you could talk in collaboration with the sisters you mention that your family could raise him as you wish, but the sisters could be actively involved in teaching him about Islam on a regular basis. This way the pressure would be taken off them if this is their concern.


If your family are still objecting to raising him as a Muslim and it is Islamically ruled that he could in fact be raised by the sisters you mentioned, then maybe upon the agreement of all, then they could raise him, but make sure that family contact is kept to a maximum and he is allowed to see his family often.


May Allah reward your efforts to please Him and raise your son on the correct path. May He give you the time to overcome this difficulty and set your affair straight before He takes you from this world and when the time comes, may He grant you the highest station in Jannah.

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