VIolence in Video games


There are many fatwas that clearly tell us how some games can be Haram (Nudity, gambling,music etc) but when it comes to violence i.e killing a person on the other team to win, there is no clear fatwa on this, So my qustion is< is it haram to play games in which we have to kill the players of enemy team to win(please not that we do not kill people who are innocent but are armed to fight against us, Thank You.


In the Name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Mercy-Giving.

All praise is due to Allah. Peace and blessings be upon his Prophet Muhammad.

Video games have undeniable psychological impacts on their players; particularly children, and often affect their behaviors. The impact could be positive or negative, based on the nature of each game as asserted by recent researches. 

Caution, thus, must be taken so that no negative impact should be incurred via these games and parents should have control over their children in this regard. 

From an Islamic perspective, playing such video games will be haram if they:

  • Involve gambling,
  • Contain immoralities such as nudity, sexuality, etc.,
  • lead to negligence of religious duties and obligations,
  • Promote violence, aggression, hatred, corruption, 
  • Inculcate non-Islamic beliefs, values and concepts,
  • Degrade or deride of Islamic teachings or beliefs,
  • Leave any negative psychological effect on the player,
  • Or cause addiction.

In the light of these precautions, you may judge any type of video game. So, if playing the game you are asking about involves any of these precautions, it will be haram; otherwise, it will be permissible.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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