Ziarat e ashoor prayer


I want to know if the sunnis can perform ziarat e ashoor prayer which is common in shia sect


That is an innovation that we should not participate in it. However, we also affirm that Husayn was a martyr who fought against an oppressive and unjust rule. What was done to him and the Prophet’s family can never be acceptable or befitting even an ordinary Muslim with the least love for the Prophet and his family. Let us never forget that the Prophet’s family’s love is an integral part of the Islamic doctrine. We read in our daily prayers Slawaat on the Prophet and his family. So, how could anyone befriend those who murdered Husayn and his family? Imam Ahmad was asked, “Do you allow people to say Tardhiya for Yazid?” he said, “How can any Muslim do that when we know what he did to the Prophet’s family?” We also repeat the words of Imam Shafi, who was  accused of being a Shiah for expressing his love for the family of the Prophet: “If my love for the family of Prophet Muhammad makes me a Shia, then let the whole world know that I am one of them.”

He meant to say that cherishing love for the Prophet and his family is an integral of Islamic doctrine and practice. However, while doing so, we ought to keep away from innovations, for innovation is condemned by the Prophet (peace be upon him) as he said, “Whoever innovates a practice in this religion, it must be rejected.” (Reported by Abu Dawud)

Almighty Allah knows best.

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