What is the Islamic ruling about men & women who are judgemental towards others?  


Islam teaches us that we should serve as mirrors unto one another. The function of the mirror is to help improve ourselves. We should not get upset with the mirror if it allows us to spot the filth or dust on our faces. Therefore, since we must love our brother like ourselves, we ought to gently remind him of his mistakes with the sincere intention of correcting him. However, we must never place ourselves in the position of judges to judge people. We must leave that judgment to Allah. 

The Prophet once told the story of a self-righteous person who, on seeing a sinner, cursed him and said that he would never go to heaven.  Allah became angry with him and said, “Who are you to judge him?  I have rendered invalid all of your good deeds!”

The lesson here is clear: Self-righteousness and looking down on others -even if they are sinners- is a heinous sin in Islam. By doing that, we are arrogating to ourselves the exclusive power of Allah. Allah alone is the Judge in all matters.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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