If a Christian has worshipped Isa As (peace be upon him) for most of his life


If a Christian has worshipped Isa As (peace be upon him) for most of his life and then one day he learned the truth of Islam and decided to repent but on his way to the Mosque for spiritual guidance he tragically passed away. Would Allah SWT still forgive him?


Such a person is left to the judgment of Allah; so, let us not speculate on such matters. Allah’s knowledge and wisdom are ultimate. He judges each person based on his intimate knowledge of his actions and intentions.

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I would cite the Prophet Jesus’s response: When asked about whether he told his followers to worship. Jesus denied making any such claim, and he affirmed the following:

“I told them only what You commanded me to: “Worship God, my Lord, and your Lord.” I was a witness over them during my time among them. Ever since You took my soul, You alone have been the watcher over them: You are witness to all things, and if You punish them, they are Your servants; if You forgive them, You are the Almighty, the Wise.” (Al-Ma’idah 5: 117-118)

There is also another story the Prophet told us: It is about a man who killed a hundred persons and finally felt remorse over his actions; a scholar advised him that the only way he can redeem himself is by shunning the realm of evil he was living and go and live among a group of worshippers in another city; however, before reaching the town, he died; there was a debate among the two groups of angels, the angels of mercy and the angels of wrath, as to who should carry his soul. Allah settled the dispute that the angels of mercy should receive the soul as he was closer to the city.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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