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Women face sexual dysfunction  after childbirth like low libido due to hormonal change during breast feeding & sexual pain due to genital wound due to child birth & also hormonal change. These things affect her conjugal life & sexual pleasure. To treat her case there will be need of exposing her awrah. I am confused whether it will be considered as necessity or not according to Islamic teachings . Please kindly clarify


A woman (like a man) is allowed to expose her awrah for treatment purposes- provided she takes all the necessary safeguards to safeguard her honor and dignity. If she could choose, she should insist on getting a female physician to treat such conditions.

If a female physician is not available, she should insist on avoiding isolation. I assume that medical ethics may have rules or guidelines to ensure the safety of female patients.

Having said this, I should add: According to the rules of jurisprudence, standard practices are waived in extreme circumstances.  Medical treatments, undoubtedly, fall in this category.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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