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You should seek repentance for using pirated books or books by copied by infringing on the copyright rules. You should expiate for the same by doing good deeds and offering charities – if you can.


Allah tells His messenger, “Take out from their wealth charities whereby you seek to purify them and help them grow spiritually.” And, “Verily, good deeds wipe out the bad deeds.”


The Prophet said, “If you happen to do bad, do something good to wipe it out.” He also said, “Allah does not wash out bad deeds with bad; instead, He washes it out with good deeds.”


Here is a du’a you should read often:


Allaahumma ighfir lee dhanbee kullahu: diqqahu wa jillahu wa awwalahu wa aakhirahu wa khata’ahu wa amdahu wa sirrahu wa alaaniyyathahu wa maa ‘alimthu minhu wa maa lam a’lam


(O Allah, forgive for me all of my sins: the major and minor, the first and the last, that which I did through ignorance and that which I did intentionally, that which was private and that which was public, and that which I was aware of and that which I was not aware of.)


Almighty Allah knows best.

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