Doubts regarding surah al Fatiha in salah


I get a lot of doubts regarding salah, when reciting Surah al Fatiha I get doubts that I made a mistake while I’m in the same rakah. This has caused me a lot of distress, because then I break my salah and start it over. I want to know if the stuff that I’m about to mention invalidate salah:  rolling the raa’ in “Al-rahman al-rahim”

Also sometimes when I say “iyyaka nabud wa iyyak nasta`in” my voice breaks while I’m doing the shaddah on the the yaa’ in iyyaka , And sometimes my voice trembles a bit when I do madd or shaddah, and when Saying the raa’  in rabb al-alamin  or in al-rahman al-rahim  does my tongue have to fully touch the roof of my mouth? and when saying rabb al-alamin  if I don’t make my mouth rounded is it considered a mistake? These doubts started when I found out that a mistake in surah al Fatiha invalidates salah.


You can fix all those mistakes by referring to a Quran instructor easily. As long as you can recite Al-fatihah without changing the meaning of a word due to a mistake in pronation, your prayer is correct. Ibn al-Naqib; a Shafiʿi scholar said, ” If one omits one of the Fatiha’s letters; consonant or long vowel or mistakes in a short vowel (haraka) do not harm as long as they do not alter the meaning, fails to double a letter that should be doubled, or substitutes a wrong letter for the right one, it invalidates (one’s recital of that particular word, and one must recite the word again. But it does not invalidate one’s prayer unless it changes the meaning and was done deliberately.”

You are not supposed to be an imam for other ladies who better recite the Quran. What you feel is an insinuation of the Shaytan to spoil your prayer. You should not pay attention to it and attempt to improve your pronunciation of the fatihah even if you may play a recording during prayer.

Almighty Allah knows best.

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