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Assalam o alaikum!!! I am very worried sir..last year in August i got married…it was love marriage. We love each other very much but this year in the month of february i teased my husband for fun to give me divorce he did not want to do this but i forced him and then he gave me divorce two times and one time after some days…but we don’t want to be separated i love him very much and he also loves me but someone told me that u both cannot live together now…i want to know that we love each other and want to live happily together noe is it halal or jaiz for us…?


Wa `alaykum As-Salamu waRahmatullahi wa Barakatuh.

I am at a loss to understand that you teased your husband and forced him to give you divorce, and he complied, and now that you want to think you are still his wife as you did not mean it and you were teasing him.

You should know as adult Muslims we bear responsibility for our actions. No one forced you to ask him for a divorce. And no one can say he was forced to give you the divorce.

However, if he, deep in his mind/conscience, thinks that he did so under pressure from you, let him decide for himself. In that case, he can still consider you are his wife. But I do not wish to take upon me that kind of responsibility. After all, he alone can decide for himself in what state of mind he uttered the divorce.

If the divorce took place one after the other, then it is considered one divorce; if it happened three times, then the divorce is final.

We ought to remind ourselves that we are not allowed to take the laws of Allah lightly. It amounts to blasphemy. I pray to Allah to inspire us all to reverence the symbols of Allah and help us to remain steadfast on the right path.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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