About keeping animal mandalas in my room.


Can I draw animal mandalas and hang them in my room? Besides, Can I keep shadowed animal shapes in my room (they are just totally black with just shape, no eyes or face are conspicuous)? Even then will angels enter my room ? Last not but least can I pray wearing a cloth which has butterfly print on it ?


The mandalas are used as aids for meditation in Buddhism and Hinduism. They believe them as props for developing mindfulness and help meditation. 

As a Muslim, however, you should avoid using them or placing them in your home or car. By doing so, you are imitating them.

Instead, you should replace them with genuine Islamic symbols: Islamic calligraphy involving verses of the Qur’an and forms of dhikr and Du’a, including the beautiful names of Allah, should be our preferred choices.

So, I would advise you against such mandalas and replace them with the Islamic alternatives.

Almighty Allah Knows best.

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