Wa alaikum salaam wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh sister,


Masha Allah, may Allah reward your intentions to please him by covering yourself as he has commanded us too. Alhamdulilah, this is an easy task for you when you go out, but naturally when you are at home it’s less practical to wear it and therefore there are moments when you find you are not wearing, despite making an effort to wear it even indoors as much as possible. When indoors and less conscious of if you are wearing it, it becomes alot easier forget and suddenly have to run and put it on when necessary if you have sudden visitors who arrive with out prior warning. This is is making you feel guilty and u comfortable perhaps just to a flustered rush to find a hijab and quickly fasten it or perhaps that a non Marham may see you hair, even if for a second. However, there are some practical solutions you can follow to make the experience less bothersome for you.


If you wear a hijab that you wrap around and pin, when you take it off indoors you can simply unpin and pin it to your dress and remove your hijab to your neck and wear it like a scarf so that it is easily accessible should you need to use it in the case of a visitor. Nor would you need to quickly dash to grab a hijab and hope they don’t see you in the process.


In the case that you are not going out, or even more generally, store your hijabs close to clothes that you wear on a daily basis, such as underwear. This way, every day when you get dress you are visually reminded to take a hijab also. It may be that you put it on right away if you are going out, or wrap it around your neck like a scarf in the house in case someone does arrive unexpectedly.


If you do wear this type of hijab, you might also just take some time when you have it to practice how to tie it quickly. When you first start wearing hijab like this, it can take some time to be able to tie it securely each day. Over time it gets easy, comes naturally and just takes seconds. So ce you have only been wearing it for a year it is possible that you are going through this phase experimenting with different ways to tie it and with different materials.. Etc.. You will find that there are certain ways to tie your hijab and certain materials that are alot more convenient. Some materials are much easier to quickly tie without a pin even. You can practice with your different hijabs which might fit this criteria and you can find a quick way to wrap your scarf and even tuck it in without the pin. You may only do this for a short while to maintain modesty from the very start of an unexpected visitor arriving and then if needed you could excuse yourself to retire it and add a pin if you feel the need to.


If at this point in your journey you still struggle with wrapping your hijab quickly which might be cause you added anxiety when it comes to the unexpected visitoryou could switch to using a ready made hijab that can be just slipped on in a second without fiddling around with wrapping and pinning.


Another similar such option could be to wear the full underscarf at all times (you might hear of them called ninja scarfs or bonnets) to cover you entire head. There are very comfortable and don’t get in the way of any practical activities that you might do such as cooking. As mentioned before, you might keep a bunch of them in a place that you go to every day when getting ready in the morning so as not to forget. This way you hair will always be covered, but a more practical way. If an unexpected visitor arrives and you do t have a scared to hand immediately at least your hair is covered whilst you go to get one and you do not need to get flustered trying to at least cover your hair. When wearing this type of scarf it is then easy to just wrap a scarf around. On a practical note, if you are struggling with tying the top scarf a full underscarf can make the process easier as it holds the material of the top scarf more than is you had no underscarf or even a smaller headband.


In sha Allah I hope these tips will help to make things easier for you.


May Allah reward your struggle for His sake. May He bring you the best in this life and the next.

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