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As salamu alaykum sister,


Shokran for writing to our live session. I am sorry to hear about the arguments that you are having with your mom.


Disagreement with Mother


As I understand your question, your mom wanted you to do something, but you did not want to do it for your own reasons. Your dad supported you on your decision. As I don’t know what it is that she asked you, it may be kind of hard to give you the correct response. For instance, if she asked you to do something that was against Allah, or something that was haram of course you should not do it. However, if she asked you to do something that was not harmful, perhaps you should have complied.


Honor your Mother


Sister, again I don’t know the situation so I cannot fully speak about it. Sister I do want to point out one thing, you must show respect to your mother at all times. It sounds like there is a lot of disagreements in your home right now. That is a sad situation. No matter how you feel about the situation, you must respect her at all times.


Anger often mean Pain


As your mom is very upset right now, and she’s not speaking to you or your dad because you didn’t agree with her, she must be very hurt. When someone is very angry that usually comes from a place of deep pain.


Speak with your Mother


I would kindly suggest that you try to speak with your mother about the situation. Find somewhere private and quiet, and insha’Allah tell her that you are sorry that she is upset, but you would like to talk with her. Try to find some common ground with your mom to make her feel comfortable. Try to work out the situation sister to the best of your ability.


Dealing with Arguments from an Islamic Perspective


To deal with this from an Islamic manner, you must set aside your own hurt and anger and reflect upon the Quran. Think also about what would the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) do in your situation. Make duaa to Allah for guidance and ask for forgiveness. Ask Allah swt to soften your heart.

Your mom loves you


Please do try to make amends with your mom, be a little more tolerant, and understand that right now she is very hurt. As you stated that you and your mom always get along, she is probably very hurt and confused that you did not want to do something for her. Please do try to prepare the relationship, because the relationship with your mom is one of the most precious relationships you will have. Your mom loves you sister, never forget that. We wish you the best sister.

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