َQuestion 3 Caught snuff(smokeless tobacco) in 15 year old brothers room

As salamu alaykum dear sister,


Shokran for writing to our live session. As I understand your concerns, you found smokeless tobacco in your 15 year old brother’s room. Sister I can imagine this was very upsetting as we do not want our loved ones doing things that can damage their health. While you wish to stop him, you don’t want to inform your parents as you don’t want them to be upset. I understand that you are very concerned with good reason.


History of Smoking


Sister as you discussed, he was smoking three years ago. When you found out you told your parents and that only made it worse. Thus, you are hesitant to tell them about the smokeless tobacco. Sister it seems as if your brother has been experimenting with smoking and other tobacco products for some time now. It is possible he went from smoking cigarettes to smokeless tobacco, which I am not sure is the Vape or not. Vape has suddenly become very popular among teens.


Possible Vaping to Quit Cigarettes


While all forms of smoking and tobacco are obviously detrimental to one’s health, smokeless tobacco in the form of a vape (if that’s what you’re talking about), is often used by people who are trying to quit smoking. Perhaps he is trying to quit smoking cigarettes, I do not know.


Open Discussion


Sister I will kindly suggest insha’Allah that you speak with him yourself. I would approach him in a way that he does not get defensive. You may want to mention that you noticed he is using smokeless tobacco now instead of smoking tobacco, and ask him if he’s trying to quit. You may want to say how proud you are of him if he is trying to quit smoking tobacco.


The point of this, is that if you approach him with support (such as you’re happy he’s not smoking cigarettes) it may lead to him trusting you more and opening up to you. If he does begin to trust you in regards to his smoking/vaping, he may be more apt to listen to what you have to say.

Education and Support


At this point you may wish to give him literature and talk to him about the hazards of smoking as well as smokeless tobacco. You may wish to suggest other things he can do such as exercise, engaging in a hobby, playing sports, or whatever it is that he is interested in. Perhaps by approaching him with solutions rather than condemnation, he may respond better and you will have a better outcome in regards to helping him.



The obvious goal dear sister, is to get him to leave all tobacco products alone. Depending on the length of time that he has been using tobacco products, he is probably addicted. If he is and he does discuss this with you, you may wish to refer him to smoking cessation classes or suggest he talk to the doctor about a patch or other medication to help him quit. Insha’Allah, this is the path he is seeking. We wish you the best you are in our prayers

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