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Yes there are many. Allah says, what means:


{And they followed what the devils pursued during Solomon’s reign and Solomon did not turn faithless, but it was the devils who were faithless teaching the people magic, and what was sent down to the two angels at Babylon, Harout and Marout, and they would not teach anyone without telling] him [,” We are only a test, so do not be faithless.” But they would learn from those two that with which they would cause a split between man and his wife though they could not harm anyone with it except with Allah’s leave. And they would learn that which would harm them and bring them no benefit; though they certainly knew that anyone who buys it has no share in the Hereafter. Surely, evil is that for which they sold their souls; had they known.} (Al-Baqarah 2:102)


According to the ḥadīth reports, the Prophet was bewitched by a man and the witchcraft caused him physical suffering.


One of the shortest versions of the story is given by Ahmad ibn Ḥanbal in his al-Musnad:


“The Prophet was bewitched by a Jew. The Prophet suffered from it for days. Gabriel came to the Prophet and said: “A Jew has bewitched you. He tied a knot against you and placed it in such and such well. Send someone to fetch it.” The Prophet sent Ali who retrieved the knot, brought it with him and disassembled it. The Prophet got up as if he had been released from shackles. The Jew was not told and the Prophet never met him.”


Other versions of the hadith give further details:


The caster of the spell is identified as Labid ibn Asam but he is not always a Jew. According to one version he is an allied to the Jews and a hypocrite (munafiq), i.e. a person converted to Islam but not a true believer. Other versions are silent of his religious identity but only mention that he belonged to Banu Zurayq.


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Almighty Allah knows best.

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