What should a pilgrim do if iqamah for prayer is called when he is doing tawaf or sa`i?

If during the Tawaf the Iqamah for salah is given, then one should join the salah and resume tawaf after. He does not need to start fresh; instead, he or she may resume from where they left. Thus if he did only three rounds, then he should do another four after the salah (to complete the prescribed total number of seven).

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, “When the obligatory prayer starts, one must not be engaged in any other prayer.” (At-Tabarani)


Tawaf is like Prayer; hence, while the congregational Prayer starts, he ought to join it.


It is wrong to continue tawaf while obligatory congregational Prayer is in progress.


Allah Almighty knows best. 

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