We must avoid such jokes and repent if we have uttered them intentionally. Jesus, peace be upon him, is a mighty messenger of Allah; we ought to revere him; we must not call anyone by his proper name. It is different from saying that someone resembles Jesus in some of his traits or qualities.


We may do well to refrain from such expressions altogether and seek forgiveness of Allah. Here is a duaa to read:


Allaahumma ighfir lee dhanbee kullahu diqqahu wa jillahu awwalahu wa aakhirahu wa sirrahu wa alaaniyyathahu wa kahta’ahu wa amdahu wa maa alimthu minhu wa maa lam a’lam


(O Allah, forgive all of my sins for me: the major and the minor; the first and the last, the secret and the open; that which I did by mistake or that which I did deliberately; and the sins of mine that I am aware of as well as those that I am not aware of).


Allah Almighty knows best. 

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