Is it allowed to perform tawaf on behalf of a sick person?

Ideally, each pilgrim ought to perform essential rituals of hajj —  such as Tawaf, Sa`i, and Wuquf in Arafah– every person should do it. In the case of tawaf, if he not able to do so he may use the service available. T


herefore, the question would only arise, if a person suddenly becomes ill, and thus prevented from doing it even with such services. In such a case, someone else can do it on his or her behalf.


That applies only to those who have performed the ritual of Wuquf or standing in the plains of Arafah. If, however, he has missed the Wuquf, then he ought to do the hajj another year.


Once a person has performed the Wuquf, he may delegate someone to do the Tawaf al-ifadah on his behalf if he is bed-ridden.


Allah Almighty knows best. 

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