Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatulahi wa barakatuh,


Alhamdulilah that your uncle found Islam again and that he has a supportive family member like yourself. It sounds like he is very disturbed by waswas and it is impacting a lot of things in his daily life. This is something that most people go through to some extent or another, but there are many things that can be done to get through it and overcome them, and with your support also this will be very helpful.


First of all, you can remind him to keep Allah in mind as much as possible by saying all the necessary daily duas and saying bismillah before much of what he does. One way to keep this reminder ever present is to put sticky notes or posters in visible places as reminders, such as on the bathroom door with the dua before entering the bathroom, and on the front door with the du’a when leaving the house.. Etc.. Likewise, you can also help him to set reminders on his phone to remind of things like morning and evening adhkar.


Beyond this, you can join him in encouraging him to read the Qur’an more and attend religious gatherings in your local community. This will also be useful to you too as much as it will to him. It will let him know that you are there to support him but also give him increased reminders of Allah and nurture him in getting closer to Allah. As he remembers Allah more, his heart will be at increasing peace as he feels more and confident in the shelter of Allah’s protection from Shaytan.


Another thing he can do when he is involved in other activities is to either be listening to the Qur’an or doing dhikr so that an idle time between reading Qur’an and being with others is continually filled with the remembrance of Allah and pushing away of Shaytan.


Of course, Shaytan does not like to see people getting closer to Allah and may fight back and the waswas may even get stronger, but with persistence through continued worship and your support as a help, he will be able to get through this.


Remind your uncle that this is something everyone faces to some extent. Remind him that actually the waswas only gets stronger because Shaytan can see how much he is trying to get closer to Allah and He hates that. This waswas he is experiencing is a sign of his faith and commitment to Allah and he should continue to fight it and seek refuge from Shaytan with Allah and in sha Allah as Shaytan realises that his tricks aren’t working the waswas will cease. He should try to refrain from giving the waswas any attention. The more he allows it to get to him the more the Shaytan will realise he has a hold of him. This along with the advise above should in sha Allah with time and patience rid him of the waswas and bring him peace of heart and mind.


May Allah guide your uncle aright and protect him from Shaytan. May He reward your concern for him and bless all you efforts.


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