Somali-Canadian Muslim Combats Racism with Comedy

Somali-Canadian comedian Hoodo Hersi has dominated the spotlight in Canada over her stand-up comedy shows.

The Toronto-based teacher is using her talent to clear stereotypes about Muslim communities.


Who is Hoodo Hersi?

Hoodo Hersi is a promising Muslim comedian who have performed on prestigious shows including The Nubian Disciples of Pryor at Yuk Yuks. She was also nominated for the Tim Sims Encouragement Fund at Second City and was featured on SiriusXM Canada.

“Before I was doing what I thought people wanted someone like me to talk about. I had this joke – “My dad finally let me leave the house,” and people would laugh at that, like “Oh, a Muslim woman that’s oppressed. We get the link. It’s funny.” But it was very cheap and lazy and also not applicable to me! Now I don’t really speak from that place because that’s not my life. It’s not authentic. Now I say the things I really want to say,” Hersi said in an interview with “She Does The City”.


Hersi has recently been featured on The Comedy Network’s Homegrown Comics. She is also the subject of a recent documentary by TVO called “Stand Up Toronto”.

The Muslim comedian has performed her shows across Canada and the United States.