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Your Religiosity Is Not Your Spouse’s Responsibility

This is the second episode of our series on Tips for Happy Marriage when sister Hana discusses the importance of understanding our religiosity and how to improve it before marriage.

Muslims often think that by getting married, their faith will automatically increase. However, this is a myth. Just because you get married, you will not feel closer to Allah. In fact, you must first ensure your relationship with Allah alone before getting married because it is not your spouse’s responsibility.

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In this video, sister Hana will also talk about the issue of spiritual burnout, and how becoming one that practices Islam attracts the right person for marriage.

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About Hana Alasry
Hana Alasry is a Yemeni American Muslim community organizer and activist working most heavily with MAS Youth. Her work focuses heavily on Muslim youth development, Islamic tarbiya and the Yemen crisis. She is currently in PA school studying medicine at the University of Detroit Mercy.