The Leadership Ripple Effect of the Me First Revolution Summit

The 2nd Annual ME First Revolution Summit 2018 for Muslim women on the theme “Embrace The Leader Within” will be launched February 19, 2018.

It’s an event that is looking to be an amazingly diverse and reflective global online summit, both by and for Muslim women. Topics covered at the free online summit for Muslim women include everything from physical, emotional, and spiritual health, to relationships, entrepreneurship, and money matters.

The founder of the annual summit — Australian-based motivational speaker, author, and social entrepreneur, Kathryn Jones— established this event to build a revolution of Muslim women coaching Muslim women to fast-track their success.

The event also serves as a platform to amplify Muslim women’s voices at a time when visibly Muslim women are increasingly becoming the target of anti-Islamic vitriol.

The Leadership Ripple Effect of the Me First Revolution Summit - About Islam

Kathryn Jones

I caught up with Kathryn in the middle of her busy schedule, and she maintains that this summit was created to fight against the stereotypes.

“What better way to beat the media at their game than for Muslim women to be visibly confident, courageous and resilient humans who are contributing to the betterment of the world?” Kathryn explained. “We’re in the spotlight, so let them see something which challenges their thinking, breaks stereotypes, and leaves them questioning perceptions rather than blindly believing the lies they hear.”

“I’m excited to have 45 speakers across over 20 different fields of expertise” Kathryn shared. “With these experts sharing their powerful stories and support for their sisters in Islam, it brings a hopeful message for the future despite everything else happening in the world.”

As a domestic abuse advocate, I’m also happy to share my own message of hope and support with women struggling to overcome suffering in their violent and oppressive relationships. Speaking with Kathryn as part of this conference—and tackling the challenge of domestic abuse in Muslim homes—was a cathartic experience.

The Leadership Ripple Effect of the Me First Revolution Summit - About Islam

Janet Kozak

As a domestic abuse survivor myself, I now strive to educate and empower other women to carefully extract themselves from these toxic relationships in a safe and efficient way. I want them to grow into the women, and leaders, they were born to be. I’m excited to be joining forces with so many other Muslimah powerhouses to propel our messages of leadership and empowerment into the ummah!

Estela Rodriguez-Jebril, the founder of Spiral Up Connections, is another speaker who is excited to be a part of the collaborative process that a summit like this offers.

The Leadership Ripple Effect of the Me First Revolution Summit - About Islam

Estela Rodriguez-Jebril

“This experience creates unity, trust, and allows women to show up as they are. It allows us to offer support to one another for the good of all that may be touched by this experience, women, their husbands, their families, the world.”

“My piece in this summit is to share an easy three-part series that will help women better understand their emotions and their triggers,” Estela explains. “I’ll be sharing what they can do to make positive changes in their behaviors and the way they respond when experiencing struggles and challenges.”

Kathryn says it is possible for every Muslim woman, no matter her circumstances, to live a life she loves and do it in a way that is pleasing to Allah.

“This year, we’re encouraging our sisters to truly step into living their lives by choice rather than in survival mode,” Kathryn shared. “I realized the key to achieve this was to help Muslim women step up and be a leader in their own lives.”

Rayesa Gheewala, a certified high-performance coach who supports stressed out, overwhelmed, and overcommitted working moms achieve serenity and abundance, completely agrees.

She’s also excited to be part of the ME First Revolution free online summit to help change lives for the better.

“I went through an evolution, and I want to give that back to other sisters in our ummah,” Rayesa shares. “Everyone deserves to be at peace, to have serenity, to be able to follow their dreams and do what they want without fear or worry or stress. Sisters deserve to live in possibility and live in abundance.”

“I went through a period where I was not at peace” Rayesa confided in a recent interview. “I was very stressed out, I was very overwhelmed, and I felt like my life – and even I – was falling apart. I was living in a lot of fear, and anxiety, and worry, and what-ifs, and just more lack than abundance.”

“But through my evolution, and through the women who have supported me and my coaches, I feel like I’m ready now and I have something to give back,” Rayesa explained. “I love working with women, and moms in particular because I see how they make such a huge difference in their circle. They influence their family, children, spouse, relatives, and parents.

“When your life outlook changes, and you’re at peace and content and excited and vibrant and showing up as your best self every day in your relationships and in everything you do, it definitely has a ripple effect! I want to create that ripple effect to make a difference in this world we live in and that’s why we’re here,” Rayesa shared.

Kathryn added, “Last year’s summit changed many lives; it is my hope for even more lives to be touched and transformed by the beautiful messages of encouragement, stories of resilience, and actionable steps for transformation shared by the speakers.”

The “ME First Summit 2018: Embrace the Leader Within” will begin broadcasting online on

February 19th, 2018.

Registration to attend the live online broadcast is free via the ME First Revolution website.



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