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The Five Gems of Ramadan – Did You Get Them?

Ramadan is almost over but it must leave us with a wealth of blessings and a strong spiritual connection with Allah.

In this video, Brother Karim Serageldin talks about five lessons of Ramadan that we should take away with and make use of them after Ramadan.

Counselor Karim calls these lessons “five gems of Ramadan”;  what are they?

1. We are spiritual beings in essence.

2. When we discipline the needs of the body and the nafs, we are able to get the power of spirit that connects us to Allah SWT.

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3. Ramadan is a constant trigger to snap you back into the remembrance of Allah SWT.

4. Ramadan teaches us to be giving and forgiving.

5. Ramadan is a reminder that time passes too fast.

Watch the video and listen to Karim’s reflections on the five lessons.