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Thousands Await Aid As Quake Hits Indonesian Island (Help Now)

Thousands of people have been displaced after a 7.0-magnitude earthquake struck the Indonesian island of Lombok and nearby Bali on Sunday, August 5.

Huge damage

At least 90 people have been killed in the tremor, which damaged buildings and triggered a brief tsunami warning.

The Indonesian National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) said survivors of the powerful quake were in a dire need for medical care and staff.

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Indonesia’s population is vulnerable to natural disasters because the country lies on volcanic fault lines and is therefore susceptible to earthquakes and tsunamis as well as flooding and drought.

The following Muslim organizations are launching emergency appeals to all those who can contribute to the aid of our fellow humans. 

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Muslim Aid

A local team from Muslim Aid’s offices in Indonesia rushed to the scene when a 6.4 magnitude earthquake stuck the central island of Lombok, east of the island of Bali, early Sunday morning. The team has been distributing assistance several times since to those made homeless and destitute by the eruption which caused 20 deaths and destroyed 1,000 homes.

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Islamic Relief USA

Islamic Relief Indonesia deployed an emergency team to the affected area within hours of the earthquake, and IRUSA launched an emergency campaign to support their relief efforts.

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