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Surviving Winter in Tents – Stand with the Refugees

As you sit in your cozy home, enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in this cold weather,

As you plan a hot meal to warm up your family during a cold night,

As you put on your new coat,

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As you sit beside the hearth in your living room,

As you make sure the kids are well-covered in bed, enjoying a warm sleep,

It’s good to remember those who are trying to cope with winter inside tents and makeshift camps.

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Refugees and migrants across Europe and the Middle East are encountering freezing temperatures. Many are surviving in tents or makeshift shelters with little infrastructure to support them.

In Greece, Serbia, Jordan, Syria, Bangladesh, and Iraq there are millions of refugees in need of essential items to help them brave this harsh winter.

What Can You Do?

Here are some trusted organizations through which you can support the refugees.

Islamic Relief

Islamic Help

Muslim Aid

Muslim Hands