Kind Turkish Policeman Saves Injured Syrian Woman’s Life

 “There’s still khair (goodness) in my Ummah till the Day of Judgement”  Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

The story of this Turkish policeman is one of those heartwarming stories that restore our faith in humanity.

Omer Kilicarslan carried an injured Syrian woman on his back for 2 km in a rural area near Turkish-Syrian border. The woman was reportedly injured while trying to cross into Turkey with her two children.

Turkish policeman helps injured Syrian woman

"It’s about having mercy." This Turkish policeman carried a Syrian woman for two kilometres after she was injured crossing into Turkey.

Posted by TRT World on Friday, 7 September 2018


When asked why he took it upon his shoulders to help her though she was outside the Turkish borders, Omer answered: “It’s all about mercy.”

The woman then received treatment by Turkish Doctors who serve on the borders.