About Islam Team’s Favorite Things about Eid

Eid is a very special time for Muslims. No matter how old you are, where you live or what language you talk; If you’re a Muslim, Eid will be a special time for you.

About Islam team had a chat and shared what things about Eid have become our favorite moments over the years.

Hassan Fouad, Technical Support Officer:

“Eid prayer is one of the beautiful moments we live in our lives, moments where we meet with those we love, and pray to God to accept Ramadan fasting.”

Timea Aya, Editor of Ask the Counselor:

“I live in the West where Muslims are a tiny group of people. But for Eid, everyone comes together in the early morning to pray and fill the conference room of the mall and the local mosque. I love to see how Muslims after the prayer “invade” the city. Muslims are everywhere smiling, greeting each other, and enjoying their first meals in sunlight. This is truly an amazing experience! :)”

Dr. Mohsen Haredy, Editor of Ask the Scholar:

“Eid for me is an occasion to see my parents and other family members in my hometown.”

Deana, Shariah Section:

“For me, I know this sounds maybe cliche and old fashioned but my favorite thing really about Eid is being with family. Over the last few years though it’s gotten smaller (hence making me appreciate it more). Sadly this year it will be an empty nest simply for the fact that the children have moved.

Lucky for the internet we can continue to celebrate however without the hugs and the shared meals. Lesson here, take advantage of every second of every day and if u love someone..tell them; tomorrow is never promised. Happy Eid everyone.”

Tarek, Managing Editor Discovering Islam:

“There is something special about the Eid prayer. On many occasions I feet the presence of angels in that gathering. As the Imam says, those who observed Ramadan get their special reward on that day, so don’t miss your reward and don’t miss being in the presence of angels.

Wishing you a very Happy Eid – Eid Mubarak to all.”

Nichola Taylor, Social Media Manager:

“I really love the ‘Eid prayer and how we see the community gather together as one after the blessed month of Ramadan. Everyone is so happy and in high spirits. I also love how, usually, it is very much a family occasion, spent seeing loved ones.”

Suzana Nabil Saad,AAI Editor:

“What I love the most about Eid is the Eid Prayers. Watching the unity of Eid as it brings families and friends together in harmonious celebrations with festive attire and delectable cuisines.”

Hasnaa Hasan, Family and Life Managing Editor:

“What I love most about Eid is family gatherings and the joy that fills the air. We reconnect with family and friends who have been away for long to share Eid joy and greetings. Yummy Eid cookies is another story :)”