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Hilarious Video – 10 Funny Situations We Always Face As Hijabis

Ask any veiled Muslim women; they will tell you how much they love their hijab and modest clothes. Most of us chose to don it, willingly, and feel proud to be identified as a follower of Islam. For us, hijab is the symbol of liberty, femininity, and, first and foremost, our submission to Allah (swt).

But let’s be honest: there are moments when being a veiled Muslimah becomes a little challenging. No, I don’t mean airport checks or job interviews (although they are tough ones!). I mean those daily “hazards”. Oh, don’t pretend you have no clue what I’m talking about!

A creative group of artists from Germany, Datteltäter, made a video which shows 10 of the most typical challenges you definitely face when you are a hijabi Muslimah.

Attention: the video, we think, is hilarious!

# 1: Dangerous Pins

Non-Muslims often get a smaller heart attack seeing for the first time how a Muslim woman ties her hijab – with some colorful pins. While we confidentially just smile back and say: „nothing to worry about, I can handle it”, it should be admitted that pins do get dangerous!

# 2: Putting the Hijab on is Real Art

You put it on. 5 minutes. It doesn’t look good. Another 3 minutes. It’s even worse! Another 3 minutes. Gosh, why is it still sticking out in the middle?!

# 3: How to Put My Headsets?

People usually put their headsets into their ears. But what do you do… when your ears are covered with a piece of cloth?

# 4: Behind the Veil

When it comes to Muslim women, it seems non-Muslims just can’t stop wondering about what Muslimahs hide under their veil. Do they really have hair? What color is it? Do they visit the hairdresser? Are the pins actually pierced into their head? Guys, stop!

No, pins are totally not touching our head. Muslimahs are women, so obviously we do go to ther hairdresser. And about the rest of the things: well, you will probably not know anyway, so why bothering yourself?!

# 5: Hands Off!

In Western cultures, it is completly normal to touch the hands of the opposite sex – except maybe if you are from the royal family. So, guys, if you meet a Muslim woman, treat her as a princess: great her, but no shaking hands, please!

# 6: Multifunctional Hijab

Eating alone and can’t find a napkin? Weeell, technically speaking, hijab is sort of a napkin… So, I could maybe use it as a napkin  – just don’t tell anyone!

#7: Popcorn Collector

Let’s look at it from a positive perspective: while other non-hijabis might through some of their popcorns to the floor while watching TV, this cannot happen to you: they will stuck right on your veil before they would reach the floor.

# 8: Dangerous Sunglasses

The problem of covered ears, as you know.

# 9: Unwanted Relationship

Quite an awkward situation when you are walking on the street, others are passing by you – and suddernly your hijab happens to get stuck with another person’s backpack!

# 10: Unexpected non-mahram visitors

But an even more awkward situation is when your brother or husband brings someone up and forgets to inform you on time – assuming maybe that you wear your hijab when you are alone at home?! Anyway, so the non-mahram guy is at the door, you are in the living room watching TV – WITHOUT hijab! What would you do? Well, you might want to try covering your head with some table napkin, aluminium foil, or a plastic bag – but hiding under the umbrella of the floor lamp is also a creative idea.

Do you recall any funny or weird situation like these that happened with you and your hijab? Please, share with us in the comments!