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All About Zakat Al-Fitr

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When the blessed month of Ramadan is about to finish, it is time to arrange for paying Zakat Al-Fitr. This beautiful ritual comes at the end of a whole month of dedication and worship to make up for any shortcomings; to put a smile on the faces of those in need and to spread a spirit of mercy and solidarity that makes every member of the big Muslim family happy on the joyful Day of `Eid Al-Fitr.

In this time every year, many questions are raised about the details of Zakat Al-fitr such as when and how to pay it; who are eligible recipients of it; who should pay it; if it is to be paid in cash or in kind, and whether it is OK to send it to countries other than the donor’s home, etc.

We present in this E-book a comprehensive collection of common questions about Zakat Al-Fitr, hoping that you will find the answers informative and useful.

As Ramadan bids farewell, we ask Allah Almighty to accept our readers’ good deeds in this blessed month; to make them and their families among those who are saved in Ramadan from hellfire and to make this Ramadan a blessing for all Muslims over the world.

We also ask Allah to relieve those suffering in Muslim lands; those going through calamities and experiencing oppression. Ameen!, 1437 AH/2016 AC


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