Should I Marry My Cousin with Diabetes?

14 October, 2020
Q Assalamualaikum.

I have a cousin whom I feel I have a crush on. I never dear to look at him or talk. In his brother’s wedding, I noticed that he was looking at me. When I looked at him, he quickly turned his head down. When the wedding was over, I was thinking I should ask him at least whether he likes me.

So, after maybe 1-2 month, I had some courage and messaged him. We were simply talking for 2 days. He said he also likes me. My mom always wanted me to get married to him because he is a very good person in everything. The problem is that he has diabetes and his mom is so concerned about it. She always says that he will never get married because of this.

Should I continue my thinking and dreaming about him for my future? Because I really like him. I wanted someone to help me. Could you do istikhara for me? I will be very grateful because right now I’m really thinking too much. I feel kind of depressed also. Please, let me know if there is someone who could do this for me.


Salam Aleikom,

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