Can an Essential Worker Shave Their Beard to Wear Masks?

16 September, 2020
Q Can our frontline workers shave their beard because of the need to wear protective masks during Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic?


In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. 

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

In this fatwa:

1- In Islamic law, it is permissible for the usually impermissible things to be relaxed slightly and temporarily. This applies according to the situation at hand in order to lift the necessity and to fulfill the need that is of urgency at that moment.

2- Therefore,  it is permissible for our frontline workers to shave whatever is required of their beard to wear a mask for the time period that is required until the industry develop new tools and  vaccinations become more available.

Sheikh Abu Eesa Niamatullah answers your question in this short video:

Almighty Allah knows best.

Source: Faith IQ