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03 November, 2016
Q Asalam aleikum.I like a person very much and I always made dua to Allah to let me marry him. I got to know him and he liked me too. But there was some complications. He was ahmedi and im sunni, and we are not from the same country. He always said that we will try our best and never give up until our family accept us. But one day he come and said that its impossible for us to get married and his parents can not accept me if im not ahmedi. After that day he cut all the communication. I have made so so much dua. I have made dua every single minut the last 5 month. I really wanted to marry that guy and and always prayed for that Allah makes a way for us and makes it possible and easy to get married and make our relationship halal. My question is: - If Allah have taken him away for me, can I make dua that Allah brings him back again?? - Can I say in my dua "Ya Allah plz come love and rahim in his heart, and make him strong to fight for us with me and never give up, and let him realize that sunni is the right path and let him convert to sunni so our nikkah and be accepted by You. And Ya Allah plz make it easy and possible for us to be liftpartners in this dunya and akhirat. And if You have taken him from me because he may not be good for me or my future, plz Ya Allah with the power you have make him good for my dunya and akhirat".? - Can my dua change his decision and heart? Can I ask Allah to put love and rahim in his heart for me? and is it possible that someone begin to love you more because you have made dua for that?I really hope someone can help me and advice me. Plz remember me in your dua. plz because I am so sad and depressed. JazakAllah khair. May Allah bless you and fulfill all your dreams and dua - amen.


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