Husband Forced Me to Have an Abortion

24 February, 2020
Q Salaam. My husband forced me some months ago to have an abortion. His excuse was financial. He couldn't afford a child and also our apartment was too small. He gave me choice to move back to my home country until he would buy a bigger house.

I was born and brought up in Europe so that wasn't an obvious choice. Then he told me to abort the child which I had to agree to as I had no choice.

He was emotionally abusing me by saying if the family got involved, he will dig everything from the past and come up with all the wrongdoings about me. As I know my family very well, they are very cultural and would believe everything he says.

Now the case is that I'm mother of 2 beautiful girls Alhamdulilah. Allah knows my intention that I did not want this abortion. Now I want more children, but he doesn't. He wants me to use contraception. Is it not my right too to have children?

Please help me.


In this counseling video, you will learn:

What your husband does is emotional abuse.

Seek help from your local mosque, from a local leader that can talk to him about having more children.

Talk to your husband and see a deadline you can agree on until when he will get settled.

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