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I Have Terminal Illness and Want to Repent; Help!

13 September, 2022
Q Assalamu alaikkum I am a Muslim by birth I have belief in Allah and accept he is the only God but I am nor religious enough or pray regularly. Nowadays after being diagnosed with terminal illness I am afraid of death. My only concern is, I feel like I have done anything for Allah and follow the Quran. All I need is to make taubah and ask his forgiveness but I don’t know how to make taubah and its procedures. I am not afraid of leaving this world but all I need is to do tawbah and ask for His forgiveness. Can you help me ?


If you have been diagnosed with a terminal illness, you have a greater certainty that death is approaching.  

Look at this as a blessing and a time for preparation.

Make an effort to avoid sin during your last days and worship to the best of your capabilities.

Have faith that Allah will forgive your sins and find duas of repentance. 

We know from authentic hadiths that in certain occasions, Allah always accepts our dua. 

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What are these occasions?

If you know someone with a terminal illness, click on the video and learn more about how to support him/her.  

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