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In Love with a Non-Muslim Woman, What to Do?



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Dec 03, 2016


I am in a very serious trouble and need some advice to sort out the situation. I am in a relationship with a girl since the last 4 years and at the very initial stage of our relationship we promised to marry each other. However, at the time of making that promise we didn't think about the practical difficulties which we are facing now. From the very beginning we decided that we will not hurt our parents and we must have to convince our parents for the marriage. We have also discussed and resolved some family issues which generally arises in an interfaith marriage (like lifestyle education & religion of children, our life-style, how to treat parents & relatives, how to follow religious festivals, etc.). We have already disclosed about our relationship to our parents. Her parents have a good impression on me and my parents also like her, but our parents are not ready to accept the relationship because of two things. First one is the difference of religion, and the second reason is the fear of society. I am a Muslim and she belongs to a different religion. The followers of her religion can be found only in a particular region of India. The followers of that religion believe in one god (the god having no name or shape) and they are not idol worshipers. They do not go to temples and they never participate in any kind of idol worship. She is not willing to convert as because she thinks that conversion only for the sake of marriage is not good. However, she respects the values and principles of Islam. My family members are not willing to accept her even if she converts to Islam. My family members are pressurizing me to leave her, but I am not ready to do that because I love her very much and also as because if I leave her now then it will be like cheating her and I do not want to cheat anybody in my life. My first question is, having regard to the practices of her religion as aforesaid; can we consider her to be one belonging to the "people of the book" as the term is used in Quran? My second question is, whether my marriage will be a valid one as per Quran if she does not convert? If not, then what can be a good solution for my problem (keeping in mind the fact that I am not mentally in a position to leave her). I would also love to have some suggestions on how to convince my/our parents for the relationship.



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