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Get Reward from Allah for Everyday’s Actions

The key to obtaining reward from Allah (SWT) for everyday’s actions is fixing the intentions.

The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) is reported to have said:

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Actions are (judged) by motives (niyyah), so each man will have what he intended.
(Al Bukhari and Muslim)

The Prophet (PBUH) also said:

Certainly, Allah does not look at your shapes (appearance) or wealth.

But He only looks at your hearts and deeds. (Al Bukhari and Muslim)

A person is judged according to their intentions. Therefore, a Muslim must take care to ensure that the intention behind their actions is to seek the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

On the Day of Judgment, when a person is in desperate need of more good deeds (hassanat), wouldn’t they regret all the times they could have received a reward from Allah (SWT) if they had only fixed their intention?

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Get Reward from Allah for Everyday's Actions - About Islam

Instead of ignoring intentions and forfeiting this great reward from God, it is time to apply this principle in our lives and reap the benefits for the hereafter.

The practical way to apply this is by making your intention to do things for the sake of Allah (SWT), even if these things seem insignificant, trivial, or commonplace.

By doing this, you can obtain rewards for these actions, God willing.

Here are some practical examples of adopting good intentions:

– Being nice to guests – Simply because it is necessary; OR with the intention of having good manners to please Allah (SWT)?

– Going to work – Because you have to; OR going with the intention of taking care of one’s family for the sake of Allah (SWT)?

– Eating – Because you are hungry; OR with the intention of giving oneself energy to worship Allah (SWT)?

– Sleeping – Just because you are tired; OR with the intention of waking up to pray Fajr?

– Going to school / college – Just because you have to; OR seeking knowledge for the sake of Allah (SWT)?
– Taking time to relax – Just because you’re feeling lazy; OR replenishing your energy so that you will have the strength to do acts of worship later?

Get Reward from Allah for Everyday's Actions - About Islam

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