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Fethullah Gülen is an influential Turkish Muslim intellectual who inspired a series of social activities, including a transnational education and business network, interfaith dialogue forums, and multicultural encounters. [email protected]

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Hold Your Tongue - About Islam

Hold Your Tongue

Holding the tongue, like eating and sleeping only a little, always has been a golden rule followed by men and women of perfection. Those who wish to develop their spiritual faculties are advised firstly to hold their tongue and to refrain from idle talk. They should not say whatever comes into their heads.


The Test - About Islam

The Test

Our spirit matures in the face of tests and becomes prepared for bigger challenges, as the bigger the tests and harder the questions are, the more entitled the human is to pass the class and to rise higher in the school of human values and perfection.


Discover Yourself - About Islam

Discover Yourself

The happiest and most fortunate people are those who are always intoxicated with ardent desire for the worlds beyond. Those who confine themselves within the narrow and suffocating limits of their bodily existence are really in prison, even though they may be living in palaces.


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