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Fathima Nafla is an IT professional who left the corporate world after finding her passion in learning and teaching Qur'an. She maintains her blog at www.Believuh.com and its social media channels - where she strives to help people understand the tests of life, and how to love God through them

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Ramadan Is the Best Time to Renew Marital Love

When making Ramadan plans, the focus is often on reciting more Qur’an, attending taraweeh, hosting/attending iftar, preparing the kitchen in advance, and even decorating the house for the season. “Improve marriage” rarely tops the list, or even finds a place at the bottom. However, a successful marriage can be your key to Jannah even if …


Motivation in the Life of a Muslim

As human beings, we are drawn to questions such as, “What’s the point of this?” or “Why am I here?” whenever we attempt something and, particularly, when we find it to be difficult. We want work to be meaningful in the long run, want to feel we are doing something worthwhile, and we want to feel validated.


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