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Yasir Qadhi was born in Houston, Texas and completed his primary and secondary education in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He graduated with a B.Sc. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Houston, after which he was accepted as a student at the Islamic University of Madinah. After completing a diploma in Arabic, he graduated with a B.A. from the College of Hadith and Islamic Sciences. Thereafter, he completed a M.A. in Islamic Theology from the College of Dawah, after which he returned to America and completed his doctorate, in Religious Studies, from Yale University.Currently he is the Dean of al-Maghrib Institute, the Resident Scholar of the Memphis Islamic Center, and a professor at Rhodes College, in Memphis, TN.

Author Articles

Yasir Qadhi: All About the Qiblah Change (Video)

Dr. Yasir Qadhi Recounts Story of Qibla Change

Watch in this video Prophetic approach to the religious identities of Madinah’s groups. Praying towards Ka`bah and Jerusalem at the same time? The Special status of Jerusalem. Which is the holiest land? Relationship with the Jews in Madinah. The Most blessed human beings and the most. Fulfilling the Prophet’s wish. Reactions to the change of …


Did you know that there is a Kabah in the heavens?

Night Journey: Heavens Have a Kabah Too

Did you know that there is a Kabah in the heavens? In the Night journey, the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) saw Prophet Ibrahim setting by Al-Bait Al-Ma`mur or the Frequented House, which is described as the Heavens’ Kabah. Why is it named so? And what do angels do over there? Join Dr. …


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