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David W. Tschanz is a medical/military historian based in KSA. He is also an epidemiologist, web developer, computer systems engineer, editor and demographer.

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Az-Zahrawi: The Great Muslim Surgeon - About Islam

Az-Zahrawi: The Great Muslim Surgeon

The 10thcentury saw the zenith of the Umayyad golden age in Andalusia. Under the leadership of ‘Abd ar-Rahman An-Nasir (r. 912-961) and his son Al-Hakam II, this dynasty established sovereignty over the majority of the Iberian Peninsula. The capital Cordoba developed into Europe’s greatest metropolis, a thriving city of half a million, where educational and …


Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen): Master of Optics - About Islam

Ibn al-Haytham (Alhazen): Master of Optics

One of the brightest names in Islamic medieval sciences is that of mathematician and scholar Abu ‘Ali al-Hasan bin al-Hasan bin al-Haytham, known as “Alhazen” to the Western world. Born in Basra, Iraq in 965, he won repute there as a mathematician and engineer. He was invited to move to Cairo, Egypt by the Fatimid …


Tabula Rogeriana

Islamic Start of Modern Geography

Although astronomers through their study of the universe were able to theorize about such general geographical concepts like the shape of the earth, early geography was for the most part a product of the imagination: a collection of wondrous fables and marvelous tales of faraway places.


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