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Youth Friendly Mosque

What Makes a Youth Friendly Mosque?

Why do we need a youth friendly mosque? If we really believe that children are the future, then making sure that they’re brought up in the mosque is the best way to help them fully grow into their potential as good Muslims. It’s crucialthatyoung Muslims find their mosques to be youth friendly, a place that …

young and Muslim

Young and Muslim: How Can I Lead a Balanced Life?

Short Answer: As a young Muslim you will find great happiness in life by trying to keep that balance between all the different aspects of your life, knowing that you will be pleasing Allah by doing them all with the right intention. If you are at school or college, you need to devote a great …

Young Muslim Dies While Saving Elderly Man from Train - About Islam

Young Muslim Dies While Saving Elderly Man from Train

FRANKFURT – Hundreds of people gathered in the German town of Hanau to bid farewell to a 17-year-old heroic young man who died while o saving an elderly homeless man from oncoming train. “I am not a well-known or rich man but this crowd gathered here because of my son’s bravery,” father Ejder Sözen said …


Muslim Youth: Hold On to Who You Are

Man’s body and soul are one integral whole and bringing them both into submission to Allah is our lifetime quest. Therefore, desires must be restrained and controlled and this is done through moral consciousness which is related to both our relation with the Creator and with our fellowman.


My Son Doesn't Understand the World

In this counseling answer: “First off, your son must understand that good never loses and evil never wins. Of course in this temporary world that may appear to be the case, but in Reality, in the world of Truth, only Allah exists and Allah is good. Evil, according to many erudite scholars and saints of …

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