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Take Action, Ditch Worry and Trust Allah's Plans

Take Action, Ditch Worry and Trust Allah's Plans

Worry, feeling uneasy or troubled seems to plague us on a daily basis. It’s human nature to be concerned about the bad situations in our world and in our personal lives, but if we’re not careful, the devil will cause us to worry beyond what’s reasonable. Excessive Worry is Opposite of Faith When we worry, …

After the Christchurch Attack, I Fear Going to the Mosque

In this counseling answer: • We will all face trials: “Do people think they will be left alone and they will not be tried? …” ( Al-`Ankbut 29:3) • Perhaps a community meeting can be held to discuss everyone’s fears and find solutions. This may include offering counseling, develop ongoing support groups, training brothers for security …

4 Steps for Overcoming Anxiety

Our fear is often worse than the things we are afraid of. Sometimes we fear some crisis occurring and that fear becomes a crisis in itself. Our fear of sickness may actually be the worst sickness to afflict us.

Worry Ends when Faith Begins

Worry Ends When Faith Begins

Pour your heart out. Say what you want. Ask for what you desire. Cry if you must. He is listening; you are not alone. The peace that follows is impeccable. When you are constantly praying and talking to God, your trust in Him distinctively increases. The closer you are to Him, the more you realize how dependent you are upon Him.

Bearing Tests with Patience

Bearing Tests with Patience

What happens if the pleasures of this life suddenly become torments? How should one behave when struck by illness or injury? Of course, we accept our fate and try to bear the pain, sadness, or suffering patiently because we know with certainty that from this God will bring about much good.

Your Time is Your Most Valuable Asset

Your Time is Your Most Valuable Asset

This world is people’s farm, whose yield they harvest in the hereafter; those who sow nothing in this world will reap nothing in the hereafter, only losses and regrets. Many are heedless to the gifts of health and leisure…

10 Tips for Finding Inner Peace in a Turbulent World

10 Tips for Finding Inner Peace in a Turbulent World

What are the most important worries most people have in their daily lives? People have many worries, including debts, finding good friends, dealing with other people, dealing with injustice, not having enough time, too much work…

Leave the Future Alone Until It Comes

Worrying about the future is something nearly everyone does. We are so predictable in our worry that there is even an entire industry built around it. But no matter how much insurance we buy to protect ourselves against what may come, we cannot change Allah’s will for the future.

5 Du’as to Remove Depression and Worries

Mankind comes across many afflictions and trials, sometimes in overwhelming sequences. Removing the darkness of these worries, distresses, depression and grief is a very important matter to which Islam gives serious attention… There are many authentic du’as and supplication from Hadith which can help us remove anxieties according to Islam.

How to Find Happiness?

There was a western author who went to live among the Arab desert dwellers… He said: “I learned from the desert Arabs how to overcome anxiety.” Those Muslims believe in Allah’s decree and determination of all things. They live their lives with a sense of security. However…

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