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Women-only mosques

Women-only Mosques - Why?

My first memories of mosques as a female convert in the UK are of waiting around for a reluctant male mosque member who could unlock the door to the dingy, cramped ‘women’s’ room. When I visited Pakistan, I had to plead to be shown the local mosque – it just wasn’t somewhere women went. I …


“Finally, I Am No Longer Wearing Makeup”

“An hour? It takes you an hour to do your make up every day?” I laughed embarrassedly as my friend teased me, his tone only half serious and the other half playful . “You could have a talent. You could use that hour every day to learn a new language or play the violin. You …

dress colors

Any Restrictions on Dress Colors for Muslim Women?

Short Answer: There is no mention of dress colors in the Qur’an. Women may wear any color of clothing they would like, although it would be wise to keep in mind cultural customs and situational expectations when making clothing decisions. _________________________________________ Salam sister and thank you for your question. Scriptural Evidence Only for General Modesty …

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