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British Islam Conference 2019: Identity, Women & Qur’an

British Muslims and non-Muslims gathered for the annual British Islam Conference at Amnesty International in London on Saturday, February 23. Spread across two days (Saturday-Sunday), there were over a dozen talks and speeches including an artists’ exhibition, a modern, contemporary interpretation of traditional Islamic geometric based art by Shehana Udat. Opening to a keynote speech …

Women Area in Mosque: Too Many restrictions? (Part 2/4)

Women Area in Mosque: Access to the Imam

There is no need to isolate women within walls or curtains or to prevent them from sighting the Imam. It is proven that women used to see the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) in the Mosque, and that it had a positive impact on their acquisition of knowledge. They also benefited from, and were even quite careful to observe, attendance at the Mosque.


Women's Access to Mosques: What Is the Deal?

Short Answer:  Allah in the Quran encourages both men and women to frequent the mosques without any discrimination and the Prophet is reported to have allowed women to pray in the mosque. Religion and its rules and principles are what are to be followed, not traditions and customs. Giving women an access to our mosques will make them …

Revisiting Mosque's Role in the 21st Century

Since the very early days of Islam, the mosque has played a significant role in the development of Muslim communities. In modern times, mosques have lost a lot of their effectiveness for different reasons. Thus, the challenge has become greater for Muslims; particularly, in non-Muslim countries. Want to listen to a new approach to the …

Are Women Welcome to the Mosque? (Part 1)

Are Women Welcome in the Mosque?

When it comes to the question of women’s access to mosques, the reality is painful. Despite the primary importance of the mosque for every Muslim, no matter whether he/she lives in a Muslim majority country or in countries where Muslims constitute a minority, a significant percentage of mosques, in the East and the West alike, …

Is It Necessary for Women to Lift Elbows when Prostrating?

Is It Necessary for Women to Lift Elbows when Prostrating?

Salam Dear Sister, Thank you for your question and for contacting Ask About Islam. Initially according to Shariah, there is no different way of praying for women. Both men and women pray alike as far as postures are concerned since there is no mention in hadith that they should be praying differently. We read in …

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