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The Story of Women in Islam

While women in Islam have and always will have the same recognition in the eyes of God, as pious believers, when they demonstrate taqwa (God-consciousness), women are not identical replicates of men.

I Was Told Islam is a Cult

The Muslims of my school sometimes had active discussions about Islam and that impressed me very much. I thought, how can it be that this religion is such an active part of their lives?

Falling in Love with Islam

Things between my mother and I have changed. We have solved our differences and her fear has now changed into genuine interest. I also bought her a small book, entitled Islam for Beginners and it seems to help her a lot.

Muslim Woman Kicked Out of Trump Rally

A leading US Muslim organization has asked GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump to offer a public apology to a Muslim woman verbally abused by the crowd and kicked out of one of his campaign rallies on Friday, January 8, in South Carolina.

Aussie Punched for Defending Muslim Women

A man in Australia has been assaulted and punched in the face after standing up for three Muslim women who were the target of racial and bigoted attack on a train in Melbourne.

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