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Understanding God's Wisdom in the Quran

Understanding God's Wisdom in the Quran

God is Wise and He is the just Judge. In Islamic beliefs, no one is ever understood to bear the sin of another. No one is ever wronged by God. No sinner is ever punished for more than the magnitude of the sin committed and no good deed ever goes without a reward.

3 Meanings of the Quran, the Book of Wisdom

3 Meanings of the Quran, the Book of Wisdom

Among the most amazing aspects is the fact that the Quran was actually a spoken word. It was spoken by the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) for over 23 years. And yet the whole book and each chapter have remarkable coherence…

Content Though the Heart is Aching - What's the Secret?

The feeling that nothing whatsoever in this universe can slip from the grasp of God pours peace and tranquility into the heart of the believer. No matter how troublesome the circumstances are or how dark the situation is, they remain under the Will of God

The Prophet's Wise Wife

The immigration of Umm Salamah and her husband took place, but her husband died shortly after it. Such a woman would not stay unmarried for long. The fact that she had four children, one of them was still newly born, was no hindrance in the Arabian society, which accepted polygamy as normal.

Get to Know Surah Yusuf - with Brother Nouman

Think of it: If Yusuf was not in prison, and he did not meet those two prisoners, then a drought would have happened, regardless, but there would not have been someone to give the suggestion that Yusuf gave…

The Giver of Life

How do you want to meet your Lord? You want to meet Him in best possible state; you want to meet Him while you’re trying your best to use the life that He gave you so generously, so mercifully in a responsible way, in a conscious way, were you grateful for that life?


NASA Discovers 72 Never-before-seen Asteroids

To protect ourselves from asteroids and comets that could very easily smash into Earth, researchers have to first know where those objects are in our Solar System, which is exactly what NASA has been doing with its Near-Earth Object Wide-field Survey Explorer (NEOWISE) spacecraft. Now, after two years of study, we, the public, finally get a chance to take a peek at what it found.

New Muslims: How to Be Productive

How can we be productive after converting to Islam and keep a balance in life? No one expects you to become a scholar in one month. Approaching Islam step by step is actually the best way…

Working Muslim Women: How to Reduce Stress

Besides the job description and career path, pertinent matters that need sorting out, such as leave (including maternity and sick leave), child benefits, flexi-time (if possible), overtime and weekends (you have to decide whether or not you would like to be contacted then), possibilities for a career-shift to work from home.

Dreaming of Inner Peace

My life has been very nice Alhamdullilah, I have the inner peace I mentioned before that I was looking for. I can tell I used to be a person with an empty soul, now I can say I am full of love, patience, tolerance and I am a happy person, alhamdullilah.

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