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Discretion In Weddings: Don’t ‘Show and Tell’

In the exciting, bittersweet and somewhat tumultuous days leading up to a wedding, the young bride and groom experience natural, human nervousness. They often have butterflies in their stomachs; their anticipation further compounded by the myriad of chores and errands to be done in preparation for the wedding. Their minds occupied by reveries of the …

I Feel Pressured to Get Married

I Feel Pressured to Get Married

In this counseling answer: • Do not worry too much about it all. Your time will come too, and I am sure your brother will take responsibility for your wedding too. • Do not feel pressurized to get married to somebody you don’t want to marry. You are the one who will live with that person, …

Bosnia Hosts Europe's Biggest Islamic Mass Wedding

SARAJEVO – Sixty Muslim couples have been married in a single ceremony in Bosnia’s capital, Sarajevo, in what organizers described one of the largest mass Islamic weddings ever held in Europe. The event was held as Bosnian Muslim leaders wanted to encourage young people to start families by alleviating wedding costs, The BBC reported. The …

Wedding Full Of Sin

If you get married in a way that is displeasing to Allah, so a wedding full of sin, then we can pay for it years down the line. We can also seek forgiveness for it even if it was a long time ago.

Wedding Nasheed - No Music

Wedding Nasheed - No Music

Here is a beautiful wedding nasheed sung in Arabic but with English subtitles. It is dedicated especially for the wife.

This Muslim Bride Wore Zero Makeup at Her Wedding

Tasnim Jara, a Bangladeshi Muslim doctor has become a Facebook celebrity after sharing a photo of her wedding to which she wore zero makeup to prove a powerful point about the way women get pressured by societal beauty standards.

first night

Afraid of Marriage First Night

Answer: As-Salamu `Alaikum Brother, Thank you for sending us your question. I first would like to tell you that it is not haraam or disliked to not have sexual intercourse on that same night that the Islamic marriage took place. It is not haraam to postpone your first sexual contact with your wife. I would …

Let The Husband And Wife Sit Together

Let The Husband And Wife Sit Together

When a couple has just carried out their nikkah, it is traditional that the man will go and sit with his friends and the wife has to sit with the women. They have looked forward to this day for a long time so the husband and wife should sit together! Mufti Abdur-Rahman ibn Yusuf explains.

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